“Before camp, our daughter acted embarrassed and felt alone in her diabetes diagnosis. Camp normalized everything for her and taught our entire family more than we could have ever expected. She came home feeling more confident and so did we.” – Jason & Erin, camp parents I hear this message all the time from DYF … Continue reading #DYFDifference

Good Enough May Be Good Enough

A recent article in The BMJ raised interesting questions around what the goal for blood sugar treatment should be. There have been different views (and different data) as to whether people with type 1 diabetes should have a goal of “normal” blood sugars, or simply to aim for a “pretty low” target HbA1c. There are … Continue reading Good Enough May Be Good Enough

Beautify Bearskin

  Since 1960, Bearskin Meadow Camp has served as DYF’s home, welcoming generations of children, teens, and families affected by type one diabetes. It is a place of joy and community – a powerful combination when we are surrounded by “our people” in such a spectacular environment. Behind the structures that make Bearskin Meadow Camp, … Continue reading Beautify Bearskin