Type 1 Talk with Dr. Justin: COVID-19


We know this is an uncertain time. We’re all searching for answers and it is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of COVID-19 content on the internet. That is why Dr. Justin has offered to share his personal practice blog with the DYF community. On it, Dr. Justin provides pandemic related information, answers questions, and communicates regularly regarding this difficult time we’re all experiencing. 

Thank you, Dr. Justin, for sharing this resource and keeping the lines of communication open in our community.

Note: This content has been provided by Justin Altschuler, MD. Dr. Justin is a board certified family medicine doctor at Sequoia MD in Sacramento, California. He received his medical degree from University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and is DYF’s Medical Director. The views expressed in this blog are those of Justin Altschuler, MD. You can read more of Dr. Justin’s blog here.

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