2021 programs update

In a typical year, we would spend this time putting the final touches on our camper and staff applications, answering your questions about which program is right for you, and looking forward to seeing the list of names as you register. Unfortunately, this is not a typical year. 

There are a number of hurdles that prevent us from setting a firm summer 2021 program plan, the first and foremost being that overnight camps are not currently allowed to operate in any of the counties where we hold programs. Fortunately, we are not the only camp in this position. We have been in regular contact with camps throughout California and we are all working together to seek guidance on what we will be allowed to do. For this reason, we will wait to announce our summer camp plan until the end of March. This will allow us ample time to adjust accordingly and develop the best programs possible for you and your family. Though we know this may be disappointing, we know it will allow for the safest and best programs with the lowest possibility of disruption in the long-run. 

Uncertainties aside, there are programs we know that we will be able to run safely, regardless of the overnight camp situation. Outdoor day programs, backpacking trips, and continued virtual programs are all part of our 2021 plan and we are excited to make those happen. The one thing we absolutely know for certain is that we miss you and we can’t wait to see you soon! 


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  1. We would love to hear day trips, overnights, camps, informal zoom meetings…everything. We’re new to the T1D community in SF and looking for opportunities for our daughter to connect with other kids and teens. Thank you!

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