Greg Eckstrom, Board President

greg-ekstronVice President at California Drywall. Greg’s son, Jack, has lived with type 1 since he was 5 years old. Both he and the rest of the family have attended DYF camps since.  Greg states that the community, education and enjoyment at camp makes them better caregivers and are instrumental in Jack’s developing healthy relationship with diabetes. While other organizations work to cure the devastating disease in the future, DYF works to improve the lives of kids and families living with the disease in the here-and-now. Greg feels strongly that Jack’s life is better because of DYF.

Scott Cler

Scott Cler Headshot

Scott Cler’s oldest son, Sam, was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2018 at the age of 10. After attending the Spooktacular Retreat, his family immediately realized the value of camp and the community it creates. For nearly a decade, Scott worked in film production for some of Hollywood’s top studios. Currently Scott is the Vice President of Client Team at PIX System, a software company that serves the film and television industry.


Nancy Crane

Nancy CraneNancy is the Principal of an Environmental Consulting firm specializing in Hazardous Materials, Health and Safety, and Chemical Spill Response training in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Prior to starting her own company, Nancy worked as an Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for a pharmaceutical company, and a Botanist for PG&E. Nancy has also been a camper, CIT, and counselor at Bearskin Meadow Camp. In January 2019, she will commemorate having type 1 diabetes for 58 years. Nancy joined the Board of Directors in 2014.

Matt Curran

Matt-Curran-1.jpgMatt’s daughter, Allie Lou, was diagnosed with Type 1 at 3.5 years old.  Over the past several years, Allie Lou has thoroughly enjoyed attending DYF camps and events.  Each time Allie Lou comes back from these events feeling more confident and deeply banded with other kids living with T1D.   Allie Lou’s transformative experiences, coupled with DYF’s remarkable mission, led Matt to join the board in 2019.  Matt is a Principal at Equilibrium, a sustainability-driven real asset fund manager.

Robin Erickson

Robin Erickson bw profile 300Robin is Chief Financial Officer for Save The Bay and mother of a busy boy. She’s worked in the nonprofit world for 20 years, focused primarily in Finance, Human Resource, and Administration.
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 15 years ago, Robin is eager to connect with her diabetic community. Knowing first hand how overwhelming it is to be diagnosed, she joined DYF to support the life-changing work they do for recently diagnosed children and their families.

John Fredenburg

Fredenburg Bio Pic

Attorney, General Practice. John Fredenburg has been involved with DYF since his son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005.  He is an attorney and in his profession, he works with community and migrant health centers and other non-profit organizations.

Eric Glassman

Eric Glassman Photo

Eric is the father of five and lives in Woodland.  He is an employment attorney in Sacramento, frequently speaking to groups on employment-related issues.  Eric first became involved with DYF in 1997, when his family attended a family camp session at Bearskin Meadow Camp.  He has served in various capacities in the organization over the years.  He has also served on the boards of the JDRF and a Sacramento-based family support group.

Sarah Kennedy, MD


Sarah is a Kaiser emergency physician who fell in love with Bearskin Meadow Camp and DYF when her son was diagnosed at age 4 with type 1 diabetes. Sarah and her family attended Bearskin Meadow Family Camp just three weeks after diagnosis and says her son’s attitude was transformed overnight. Sarah joined the Board in the fall of 2011 in an effort to give back to DYF and the diabetic community in general.

 Keith Nilsson

Keith Nilsson is a founding partner of Visionnaire Ventures where he invests in cutting edge technology start-up companies. Keith was previously an executive at Yahoo and a partner at the private equity firm TPG. He has been attending Bearskin Meadow Family Camp for several years with his son, Kip, and has seen first hand what an impact the DYF camp experience can have on kids with Type 1 diabetes. Keith is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking.

Lisa Norlander, MD

Norlander Bio Pic

Emergency Room Physician. Lisa started volunteering at Camp De Los Niños while still in medical school over 10 years ago. In the time that she has been involved with camp she has been inspired by both the campers and the dedicated staff. Over the past few years she has had the opportunity to expand her involvement with DYF and volunteer at Bearskin Meadows as well as at most of the year-round programs. When Lisa is not at camp she works as an emergency room physician in a variety of hospitals in California. Lisa also works part time at Stanford in the Pediatric Endocrine Department helping with closed-loop and artificial pancreas clinical trials.

Pete Reno

PR Headshot

Peter Reno is an executive at Berlin Packaging after selling his company, Diablo Valley Packaging, in late 2015. Pete was previously CFO at Anchor Glass Container in Tampa, Florida. Pete’s oldest daughter, Elle, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2004 when their family was living in Tampa. Pete immediately became involved in the T1D community via JDRF where he focused on the JDRF Walks and fundraising with corporate clients. After moving to the Bay Area in 2006, the family found Bearskin Meadows and attended family camps from 2007 to 2013. With more time available and after reflecting on the impact of the incredible DYF camp experience, Pete joined the DYF Board in early 2018 to give back to the organization that provides so much support to T1D families. In his free time, Pete enjoys golf, photography, biking and international travel.

Carl Scheidenhelm

carl-scheidenhelm-bioCarl is a founding partner of SF Architecture, a firm he established with a strong commitment to sustainable design and specializing in residential and commercial projects in the Bay Area. Carl has been a trustee for several non-profit organizations including The San Francisco School and the Bellot Idovia Foundation. Carl’s daughter, Anja, was diagnosed with type 1 in 2011 and attended his first DYF function only weeks after diagnosis. Carl recalls, “That first DYF experience turned our worst nightmare into something manageable by feeling the caring and support of the DYF community.” Anja hopes to join the Mt. Whitney 2017 trip and the LIT program at Bearskin Meadow.

Victor Woolworth

Woolworth Bio PicVictor is a Certified Diabetes Educator at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. He first attended Bearskin Meadow Camp as a camper and later returned as a counselor and camp nurse. Victor is excited to be joining the DYF board as he know firsthand the benefit and support DYF has provided him for more than 20 years. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve and give back to the organization that has become his second home.




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