Help Our Light Shine Bright

Dear Friends,

Throughout our 83-year history, DYF has weathered many challenges. Since our founding during the Great Depression, we have faced, and survived, war rationing in WWII, the fire of 1947, the relocation and creation of our beloved Bearskin Meadow Camp, and so much more. We persevered through these obstacles because children and families depend on DYF to create “Bearskin Magic” for as long as its programs are needed.

While so much in our world is uncertain, we can find comfort in the things that never change: the power of our community, the beauty of the natural world around us, and the simple joy of children having fun.

Today, we ask you to support DYF and our mission to provide T1D education and community to our campers. When this pandemic passes, our campers will need us more than ever to provide the camp magic that has strengthened and sustained generations of T1D campers who came before us. Your support will let our T1D community know that camp will be ready and waiting for them.

May your generosity be present and your heart full like the light of the campfire: warm and bright. Thank you for being a part of our DYF family and we hope to see you around the campfire soon.

The DYF Team
Yes, I want to support DYF and its legacy: to improve the lives of children, teens, and families affected by T1D.



DYF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Federal Tax ID# 94-6003673


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