Camp Prep Volunteer Opportunities

May – June 2021

In a typical year, we would all gather together for Bearskin Meadow Camp Work Weekend in late May. Due to safety concerns and local restrictions in place this year, we are adapting our opportunities for individuals, families and groups to volunteer and help get our space ready for our summer 2021 camp sessions. 

There’s a lot to be done at Bearskin Meadow Camp this year to prepare for re-opening! Help us wake her from her winter slumber and be ready to welcome hundreds of campers home this summer.

We are extremely grateful for your past and present support of DYF programs, especially the work it takes to get our site ready for programs. We look forward to offering BMC Work Weekend again in 2022.

Important Information

Please read this entire section before signing up to volunteer, and reach out by email if you have any questions.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Variety of tasks, dates & times available from May 7 – June 8, 2021
  • Sign up as an individual, family or group (Make sure to let us know how many to expect in your group in the sign-up process.)
  • Single-day or multi-day opportunities available (Select which day(s) you are wanting to volunteer during the sign-up process.)

During your Volunteer Experience

DYF Will Provide 

  • Equipment and supplies required for volunteer work
    Bathroom & handwashing facilities
  • Outdoor decks & beds for overnight accommodations (requires prior approval)
  • Shared food prep & refrigeration/freezer space (upon request)

Volunteers Must Provide

  • Face masks
  • Food, beverage & cooking supplies/equipment for duration of stay at camp
  • Sleeping equipment & personal items (for approved overnight requests)
  • Transportation to/from camp

Expectations at Camp

  • Masks should be worn at all times with the exception of eating, sleeping & showering.
  • Overnight stays require pre-approval by DYF Camp Director & Site Manager.
  • Volunteers should remain cohorted with the group they are attending with (maximum of 15 per cohort.)
  • Each cohort will be assigned a deck & bathhouse to use during time at camp
  • We will not be able to provide entertainment or activities during your stay as we have in previous years.
  • Children must be fully supervised at all times.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are not allowed on camp property at any time.
  • Other expectations will be shared in the release form and Covid-19 waiver sent to all BMC guests prior to arrival.

Thank you for your understanding of our adjustments, policies and restrictions this year. Above all else, we want to ensure the safety of all those that visit Bearskin Meadow Camp. We appreciate your willingness to make BMC Summer 2021 a success!