Mary Massella Hernandez named 2023 Mother of the Year!

We at DYF are thrilled to share that DYF Board Member and long-time medical volunteer, Mary Massella, has been named 2023 Mother of the Year by the City of Oakland. Oakland’s Mother of the Year Award was initiated in 1954 to publicly honor an Oakland citizen whose contributions to the community symbolize the finest traditions of motherhood.

Over the years Mary has volunteered with DYF she has been a staunch supporter of our campers, giving her all to ensure equitable access to the support, education, and community that camp provides. She has helped to pioneer our Campamento Familiar en Español Spanish language program, and never fails to show up in support of our campers in any way she can. DYF’s former Director of Programs, Kaylor Glassman, stated it best, “Mary is a remarkable mother in the literal sense to her own daughter and embodies motherhood in the care and protection she brings to those she serves in her work and volunteerism.” Thank you, Mary, for all you do, not only for our community but for every child who benefits from your presence and dedication.

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