2023 Year-Round Weekend Retreats

Held in various locations including the Bay Area, participants will build community as they enjoy numerous camp activities and learn about the latest in diabetes management from our team of health-care professionals.

Family Retreats

Our Family Retreat weekends are located in the Bay Area and they are the perfect opportunity to experience a dose of Family Camp closer to home.

These weekend family retreats are an amazing mid-year diabetes refresher and provide a fun getaway. Weekend family retreats offer the same benefits of Family Camp but in a shortened timeframe and with easier accessibility to the San Francisco Bay Area. (See Sample Program Schedules Here)

Spring Family Retreat

March 17-19 Tier 1: $500/person

Tier 2: $250/person

Tier 3: Scholarships Available

Mt. Gilead, Sebastopol All Ages
Fall Family Retreat

October 20-22 Tier 1: $500/person

Tier 2: $250/person

Tier 3: Scholarships Available

Camp Jones Gulch, La Honda All Ages

Campamento Familiar en Español

Campamento Familiar en Español is the same great programming and excellent diabetes education as our weekend Family Retreats, but all in Spanish!

A weekend retreat for families whose primary language is Spanish! All diabetes education and programming will be done in Spanish by native speakers who are knowledgeable about the cultural nuances that make managing T1D complex. For more information in Spanish about this program or any other program, please see our tab: “Inscribirse en Español Aqui(See Sample Program Schedules Here)

Campamento Familiar Spring Session

Click Here To Register / Registrarse Aquí

February 10-12 Sliding Scale: $25 and up for full family

Tier 3: Scholarships Available

Camp Arroyo, Livermore All Ages

Adult Retreat

The Adult Retreat is a weekend camp for adults with T1D and optional support people: siblings, partners, friends, parents, etc. This weekend program will re-invigorate you, connect you with other T1D adults, and allow you to brush up your diabetes management skills.

Our first T1D Adult Retreat was in the summer of 2018, and it was a hit from the minute we opened registration! This weekend is a place of camaraderie, support, education, and fun for adults (18+) with type 1 diabetes. Even better, support systems are welcome, and we encourage spouses, parents, and friends to come along and learn more about T1D. Mornings are spent in diabetes education sessions in important topics of thriving with diabetes ranging from pregnancy to drugs & alcohol to new technology and everything in between. Afternoons and evenings are spent enjoying nearby Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, participating in traditional camp activities, and enjoying group meals together. 

Medical Staff includes Jeannie Hickey, Justin Altschuler, and Sarah Altschuler.


“Anytime I can be with fellow people with T1D, I love it, because nobody GETS IT the same! I have learned so many tips, tricks and hacks from my fellow T1D folks. I also love hearing the latest in meds, technology, techniques and resources, from a very dedicated and knowledgeable team. This was worth every minute! These speakers are top in this field of treating and researching Type 1. Very well done, and thank you.”

“DYF’s Adult Retreat is a no-judgment zone to learn and share. Whether you do multiple daily injections or you’ve been looping for years, there’s something for everyone, surrounded by people who GET you.”

“In a single weekend, I made new friends, re-connected with old, learned new things about T1D and had the best time. I need more weekends like this!”

Adult Retreat

August 4-6 Tier 1: $500

Tier 2: $250

Tier 3: Scholarships Available

Bearskin Meadow Camp Ages 18+

*Participants of the Adult Retreat are also eligible to register for the Adult Backpacking trip August 6-11.

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about these programs, please reach out to the DYF Team at info@dyf.org or (925) 680-4994.

2023 Covid-19 Guidelines at DYF Programs:

In respect for your family’s health and safety, all DYF staff and volunteers will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and we encourage eligible participants to do the same. Our COVID-19 policies for 2023 programs will be made with current information from the CDC, state and local health authorities, and under the leadership of our Healthcare Professional Advisory Board. Specific guidelines and requirements will be tailored to each program and released at least 30 days prior to the program start date. Should you have any concerns about these guidelines once they are released and you no longer feel comfortable attending a DYF program, we will provide you with a full refund minus the $50 non-refundable deposit and the corresponding processing fee.