All families are required to complete a camper application, the Scholarship Request form is now included in the online Camper Application.  All applicants are required to submit financial documents for committee to review eligibility. Financial documents may be faxed to DYF (925) 680-4863, Attention Scholarship Committee or uploaded to a secure document link


The following programs are eligible for scholarships:
ALL Bearskin Meadow Camp programs, DYF’s Camp de los Ninos, Spring Retreat, and the Spooktacular Fall Education Retreat

Registration Fees:
All participants are required to pay a registration fee no later than 30 days prior to the start of a program. Bearskin Meadow Camp and DYF’s Camp de los Ninos programs require a $150 registration deposit which can be refunded if the applicant does not qualify for scholarship. All other programs require that payment be made in full at the time of registration.

Required Documentation:
Financial Documentation must be submitted to DYF to show financial need within 2 weeks of completing the Camper Application and Scholarship Request. Most Recent Federal 1040 (pg 1 & 2), copy of Medical aide, letter from social worker stating family need or proof of camper is in Foster Care or Group home.

Primary Income Scholarship Parameters:
$35,000 or less
100% of camp fee

$35,001 to $55,000
50% with 1 dependent
75% with 2 dependents
100% with 3 or more dependents

$55,001 to $75,000
25% with 1 dependent
50% with 2 dependents
75% with 3 dependents
100% with 4 or more dependents

*$75,001 to $85,000
10% with 1 dependent
25% with 2 dependents
50% with 3 dependents
75% with 4 or more dependents

*Secondary Criteria
Rarely, awards may be given to families who fall out of bounds of the primary criteria. For exceptions to be made to the criteria, in addition to the above-listed documentation, documentation for the relevant categories below is needed. Secondary Criteria includes:

Multiple Children with T1D
Unanticipated medical expenses
Recent job loss or reduction of employment (not reflect on 1040)
Recommendations from health professionals including physicians, nurses, certified diabetes educators and/or social workers

Documentation may include:

Copy of Bills
Foreclosure Notices
Pay stubs or W2’s reflective of changed income
Written letters or emails recommending the participants attends camp

DYF Refund Policy:

A cancellation at least 30 days prior to the start of your camp program will result in a full refund minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. We are unable to refund camp fees within the 30 days prior to camp, as we have already done the staff hiring and purchasing of program supplies, food, etc. needed for your camper(s) to attend.

We strongly encourage all participants to purchase the 3rd party insurance package described below to protect your registration fees should you need to cancel within 30 days of the start of your camp program.
*Link to Program Protector Service through CampMinder*