We are proud to be able to offer partial and full scholarships for all of our programs. We offer a maximum of 1 scholarship per year per camper.


Determination of scholarship award is decided based on the following considerations in order of priority:

  • Recipients of SNAP, MediCal, CHIP or other governmental assistance.
  • Gross household income in relation to the number of individuals in a household.
  • Newly diagnosed or first-time campers.
  • Recent job loss or reduction of employment.
  • Loss or change in housing.
  • Unanticipated medical expenses.
  • Other extenuating circumstances, assessed on a case by case basis.

No registration deposit will be required for families requesting a scholarship, nor will we require additional documentation unless specifically requested. 

Scholarship applications for Backpacking and LIT programs will be reviewed by our committee on April 13th. Recipients will be notified upon acceptance into the program. 

Scholarship applications for Kids, Teen, and Buddy camps will be reviewed by our committee on the following dates. Recipients will be notified by email within 2 business days of review. 

  • April 16
  • April 26
  • May 3

In the event that enrollment continues past our general deadline of April 30th, scholarships will be reviewed and assessed accordingly. 


To apply for a scholarship, please complete a camper application and request a scholarship within the application form.