Bearskin Meadow Camp

Season: Summer
Ideal for: Kids, Teens, Families
Location: Sequoia National Forest

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About Bearskin Meadow

Bearskin Meadow Kid Camps- 8 days (ages 7-13): Kids who are ready for an independent camp experience will find this camp filled with adventure, fun and friendship. Campers are grouped with kids their own age and sleep on a deck with two to three counselors. In addition to diabetes education, the kids enjoy classic camp experiences, such as swimming, nature, arts & crafts, sports, games, dance, overnights, campfires and more!

Bearskin Meadow Buddy Camp- 7 days (ages 7-15): Kids with T1D can bring a buddy from home to enjoy the camp experience together! While at least one member of the buddy pair must have T1D, the other member can be a sibling, friend, or cousin. Together, the buddies will sleep under the stars and enjoy all of the fun activities offered at Bearskin Meadow Camp. Your child with T1D will be supported in all areas of diabetes management while their buddy learns and practices right alongside them.

Bearskin Meadow Teen Camps- 9 days (ages 14-17, or 13 entering HS): Teen camp at Bearskin meadow offers four program choices: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Wilderness and Sports. Our Teen Camp is specifically designed to meet the distinct needs and expectations of teens in High School with Type 1 Diabetes. Teens choose one program area and spend much of their time bonding with other teens in their program. While at camp, participants also receive formal diabetes education featuring nationally recognized presenters, plus breakout sessions on various teen related health, wellness and real-world life issues.

Bearskin Meadow Leaders in Training Programs (Year 1 ages 16-17) (Year 2- age 17 and completion of Year 1 program): Open to teens with or without diabetes. Application and phone/internet interview required for program acceptance.  Those who participate in the Leaders-In-Training program gain valuable life skills through interactive workshops and activities.  The program is designed to assist in the development of a strong foundation for adulthood including school, work, family and community combined with the fun of camp. LIT 1 must be completed before beginning LIT 2 program.

Bearskin Meadow Family Camps- 6 days (all ages welcome): Children and teens with Type 1 Diabetes attend camp together with their parents/guardians and siblings during our popular family camps. Special programs are designed to meet the needs of everyone in the family. In addition to social and recreational activities, diabetes education and support is always a priority. Parents attend educational seminars, siblings attend support sessions and children and teens with T1D participate in special rap sessions with staff and peers. Family Camp is ideal for any family especially those with a child who is newly-diagnosed, too young for Kids Camp or not ready for the independent Kids Camp Experience.