2020 Camp Dates and Fees

DYF programs are available in various locations around California throughout the year for children, teens, adults, and families affected by type I diabetes. Browse our schedule below for dates and details.

DYF offers a three-tiered pricing model for our programs, all of which result in the same impactful program experience. DYF works hard to keep costs low and raises money throughout the year in order to provide affordable options, including full scholarships, for families and individuals to attend our programs.

For detailed information about our three-tiered pricing model, click here.

Sample program schedules, menus, policies, etc. can be found in our Parent Information section.

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2020 dates and fees

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Independent Camps for Kids and Teens

These sessions are perfect for youth who are ready to go to camp without their parents, and for parents who are in need of a well-deserved break from diabetes!

At all of our independent programs, campers are grouped with 10-12 peers, two or more counselors, and a nurse. All diabetes management is fully supervised.

Camp de los Niños: Ages 7-17

June 22-27

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains at YMCA Camp Loma Mar, this week-long program is a great option for kids and teens. Camp de los Niños is high energy and full of fun. Popular activities include guest speakers, the camp dance, creek stomping, and more. Round trip bus transportation is available from San Jose for an additional $75.

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Tariq Ahmad

Bearskin Meadow Camp Buddy Camp: Ages 7-15

June 21-26

A unique program built for kids who want to share the diabetes camp experience with a buddy without T1D. We see lots of siblings, cousins, and best friends coming together to this session. Having a buddy means that our campers without T1D get to learn a lot about diabetes, all while participating in traditional camp activities like tie dye, night hikes, and swimming. Round trip bus transportation is available from San Francisco, Concord, Modesto, and Fresno for an additional $150.

Lead Medical Staff: Hannah Chesser

Bearskin Meadow Camp Teen Camp: Ages 14-17, or entering High School

June 28-July 6

Our most popular program, Teen Camp offers 9 days of fun. We often see teenagers who start the week resistant to the idea of diabetes camp and end the week never wanting to leave! Teen Campers choose an interest area and do relevant activities throughout the session. These include Sports, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Wilderness. Near the end of the program the full camp participates in Teen Ed Day, where we bring in speakers and campers get to sign up for diabetes education topics that they are interested in. Teen campers form tight bonds and typically can’t wait to return. Round trip bus transportation is available from San Francisco, Concord, Modesto, and Fresno for an additional $150.

Lead Medical Staff: Maureen McGrath, Jenny Zabinsky

Bearskin Meadow Camp Kids Camp: Ages 7-13

July 9-16

A full week for kids with T1D, Kids Camp offers an away-from-home environment that is safe, comfortable, and fun. Our medical staff can help with site changes, shots, and carb counting, so don’t worry if your child needs additional support. Packed with fun camp activities, we also add in special programs like overnight camping trips, science experiments, and even a 3 day backpacking trip for our 13 year olds! Round trip bus transportation is available from San Francisco, Concord, Modesto, and Fresno for an additional $150.

Lead Medical Staff: TBD

Bearskin Meadow Camp Leaders-in-Training Program: Ages 16-17

LIT Year I: July 18-30

LIT Year II: June 14-27

This two-year program is perfect for teens with and without diabetes who are ready to take the next step in developing their leadership skills. LIT begins with an application and interview process in the Spring, and culminates with two weeks at camp learning how to be an effective leader and working with our younger campers. Many of our awesome camp staff are graduates of the LIT program!

High Altitude Adventure Program: Ages 15-17

July 18-30*

New this year, the High Altitude Adventure Program is ideal for teens who are adventurous and are ready to challenge themselves in the High Sierras! A combination of backpacking and rock climbing, this trip is not for the faint of heart. Admittance to the program will require a special application and an interview. Previous back country experience is not required.

Applications will be accepted January 3rd-February 3rd! This program is limited to 10 teens due to trail restrictions. 

*Dates pending permit approval from the US Forest Service in the Spring

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Lisa Norlander

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Camps for Families

Bearskin Meadow Family Camp: All Ages

Diabetes affects the whole family, and we address those challenges at our Family Camp programs. Family Camps are ideal for any family looking for more diabetes support and education, especially those with a child who is newly diagnosed or too young to attend an Independent Camp.

Family Camp 1: July 18-23, children with diabetes

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Stephen Gitelman, Dr. Roger Long

Family Camp 2: July 25-30, children with diabetes

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Louise Greenspan, Dr. Deborah Simon-Weisberg

Family Camp Flipped: August 2-6, parents with diabetes

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Justin Altschuler, Dr. Sarah Altschuler, 

Three sessions of family camp are offered each summer at beautiful Bearskin Meadow Camp. Here you will have a full week to learn from top diabetes specialists, enjoy Kings Canyon National Park as a family, and meet others who are also managing T1D. In the mornings, parents participate in support groups and diabetes training while children are guided in fun activities such as archery, sports, nutrition, swimming, and art. Siblings without diabetes particularly enjoy having a place to learn about T1D and feel included in the experience. To top it all off, our kitchen does the cooking (and carb counting) all week!

Spring Family Retreat: All Ages

March 27-29

Located in the North Bay Area at Mt. Gilead Conference Center, our Spring Retreat is the perfect way to introduce your family to DYF programs, and to get a dose of camp throughout the year. In the mornings and evenings, kids will do fun activities with their peers while parents attend diabetes education sessions. In the afternoons families do activities together and have the chance to meet one-on-one with diabetes specialists.

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Lisa Norlander, Erin Heiser

Fall Family Retreat: All Ages

October 23-25

Very similar to our Spring Family Retreat but located in the South Bay Area at Camp Jones Gulch, the Fall Retreat is the perfect opportunity for your family to come together to get diabetes refreshers and unite with the T1D community. The Fall Family Retreat is Halloween themed and includes a costume dance and trick-or-treating.

Lead Medical Staff: TBD

Bearskin Meadow Camp Work Weekend: All Ages

May 23-25

Come help us prepare BMC for the summer! While true programming will not be offered, we would love your help with getting Bearskin cleaned up and ready to welcome our campers. In exchange for your hard work, this is a weekend free of charge with food included.

Beach Day: All Ages

August 30

There’s no better way to wrap up a busy summer than to welcome all of our families to a free community day on the beach! This is a great opportunity to catch up from friends you may have met over the summer or for new families to come learn who we are. This year we are partnering with our friends at Dogs 4 Diabetics to bring you two great organizations at once! 

Campamento Familiar en Español: All Ages

Spring Session: May 1-3 at Camp Arroyo in Livermore

Lead Medical Staff: Maureen McGrath

Fall Session: November 13-15 at Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek

Lead Medical Staff: TBD

Campamento Familiar offers two weekend retreats for families whose primary language is Spanish. Same format and content as our other family programs, but all done in Spanish!

Learn more about Campamento Familiar en Español

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Camps for Adults

Adult Retreat at Bearskin Meadow Camp: Ages 18+

July 31-August 2

Join us for a weekend filled with education, fun, and community in a beautiful setting.  Bring your spouse, parents, siblings, friends, significant other, and any other person who supports your diabetes. Whether you were diagnosed as an adult or you grew up attending our programs, this retreat is the solution to living well with T1D. Non-T1D partners and support systems are also encouraged to attend, and education sessions are tailored to fit their needs, enhance their diabetes knowledge, and learn how to best support the person with T1D in their life.

See last year’s schedule and speakers here.

Register here!

Family Camp Flipped: All Ages

August 2-6

Parents with T1D, this one is for you. Bring the whole crew to a family camp session where kids will learn about their parent’s diabetes, adults will gain community, and everyone will have a blast!

Lead Medical Staff: Dr. Justin Altschuler, Dr. Sarah Altschuler

Cost Options and Information

For information about our three-tiered pricing model, click here.


Financial assistance is available to families who qualify through our robust Scholarship program. Scholarships enable those with hardships to pay as little as the registration deposit to attend any program. Click for more Scholarship Information!

Fundraise Your Camp Fee

You can also create a personal fundraising page at www.firstgiving.com/dyf to raise the camp fee after you register for camp.  We are giving families time to fundraise through July 1st, 2020!

Registration Deposit

There is a $150 registration deposit required of all campers for most programs, $50 of which is non-refundable. Please contact our office at (925) 680-4994 to request special payment arrangements for this deposit. 

Refund Policy

A cancellation at least 30 days prior to the start of your camp program will result in a full refund minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. We are unable to refund camp fees within the 30 days prior to camp, as we have already done the staff hiring and purchasing of program supplies, food, etc. needed for your camper(s) to attend.

We strongly encourage all participants to purchase the 3rd party insurance package described here to protect your registration fees should you need to cancel within 30 days of the start of your camp program. The insurance package can be purchased at the time of registration or separately online.


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