2020 Support

Dear friends,

This is the first summer in 83 years that kids, teens, and families did not drive the winding route through the majestic giant sequoia trees that surround Bearskin Meadow Camp to arrive at a DYF program. Generations of campers have admired the longevity and beauty of these natural wonders that grow so close to the special place we call camp.

The remarkable thing about sequoia trees is that while their branches reach for the sky, their roots do not run deep. Sequoia roots spread wide, intertwining with the trees around them, literally holding each other up just like our DYF family. Type 1 diabetes brings us together and through the power of community, we support one another in all that comes with living with and caring for T1D.

This year brought incredible challenges, but through it all we forged new connections, gathered together in new ways, and continued to learn. At DYF, we are rooted in our community and this year demonstrated that in a very powerful way. Our roots are holding us up and helping us to grow.

While the future feels uncertain, we know that camp changes lives. DYF is committed to providing our critical programming in new and innovative ways. Now more so than ever, your support will help us stay strong during these difficult times.
Your gift will make it possible for us to provide safe, physically distanced programs now and ensure that camp will be ready and waiting as soon as we are able to gather together.

Thank you for being part of our roots. You hold us up and keep DYF strong.

Kaylor Glassman
Interim Executive Director