Our goal is full transparency about our policies at our programs; we want you and your child to know what to expect at camp. Whether it be about how low blood sugars will be treated, if fingersticks are needed alongside CGM wear, or if phones are allowed at camp, we want you to have all of the answers ahead of time so there are no surprises upon arrival.

All of our diabetes and medical policies are written, evaluated, and updated annually by our Healthcare Professional Advisory Board.

2020 Policies:

DYF Lice Policy 

DYF Immunization Policy

DIY Loop at DYF Programs

Parent Phone Call Timeline

Dress Code Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Internet Use Policy

Camper Behavior Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Statement

2019 Policies (to be updated for 2020 in the Spring):

DYF Programs Diabetes Technology Guidelines 2019

2019 Diabetes Protocols at Bearskin Meadow Camp


If you have any questions about these policies, please give us a call: (925) 680-4994