2018 Camp Dates

BIG NEWS regarding Camp de los Niños 2018 -please read update in it’s entirety below

2018 Registration Opens January 5th!

2018 Camp Dates & Pricing

Camp de los Niños 2018 (CDLN)

DYF is committed to providing the best programming possible to the greatest number of participants that want to attend our camps! DYF learned that YMCA Camp Campbell (the rental facility where CDLN is currently located) would be extending its own summer programming by one week starting in 2018. As a result, the dates allotted were in direct conflict with the school system (August 19-24, 2018). Upon learning this news, we immediately surveyed a large pool of our present CDLN families to learn how this would affect our participants. After hearing from over 90 members of our community, we discovered the following:

  • 79% of respondents said the new dates allotted by Camp Campbell would conflict with their camper’s school schedule
  • 94% of respondents said they would still attend CDLN if it was hosted at a different facility in the Bay Area

It became clear that moving facilities would be imperative to the future success of Camp de los Niños. After a thorough search of numerous rental facilities, DYF is VERY excited to announce Camp de los Niños 2018 at Redwood Glen in Loma Mar, CA (just shy of 30 miles northeast of Camp Campbell) on July 1st-July 6th, 2018 (to include an awesome 4th of July celebration!).

We know that change can bring a lot of mixed emotions. While we will always cherish the memories made during our time at Camp Campbell, we want our families to remember that YOU ALL (the community!!!) are what makes CDLN so special. We are absolutely thrilled to carry the magic, energy, laughs, songs, and trans-formative power of camp to Redwood Glen in 2018. We can’t wait to see you there!

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