The most common question I get as Program Registrar, “Does DYF offer any support groups or social activities in between camps?”. No, but camp is where you can build your community that lasts you a lifetime.

The connections between DYF staff, campers and camp families truly is a family community.  If you are in between camp programs or waiting to attend a program try some of the following for resources:

  • Connect with other campers or families using the Program Roster you receive after camp- contact the office at if you need another copy e-mailed to you.
  • Join DYF’s Facebook page to follow DYF events or connect with other families.
  • Follow CarbDM for social events, general information and join their online support group, Brave Buddies through Yahoo groups for questions, fellowship and to connect with other t1d parents! Brave Buddies
  •  Follow some of the other organizations that are great at inspiring and connecting other t1d families, teens, and kids:

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