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DYF Programs

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DYF Climbs Mt. Whitney

Enjoying camp and eachother


Registration for all 2014 DYF Programs is available online – Please Register Now! Available after 1/1/2014

Want to learn more about DYF and our programs? –  Request Information Now!

Since 1938 the DYF has provided programs and services to children, teens, families and community members affected by type-1 diabetes. Since that time, DYF has served over 50,000 people with information, knowledge, support, laughter and friendship that we like to refer to as the “Camp Magic”.

At all of our programs we strive to offer the usual fun experience such as swimming, surfing, skiing, arts & crafts, archery, sports and games, hiking, nature education and campfires. Perhaps more importantly, we also strive to ensure that our participants are gaining the skills necessary to manage their diabetes, but also stand them in good stead their entire lives.

Developing team-working, independence, and leadership skills are at the core of all our programs.

To find about more of our programs please visit our summer camps and year round programs sections.

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